I use BoostMobile to provide service for my cell phone.  It started fine, then they decided to do something to their towers to enable 4G.  The problem is/was, they didn’t bother to tell customers, that was what they’re doing, and when and for how long they would do it.  Meanwhile, this disabled 3g service.

I am poor, so when someone gifted me a Android phone, Galaxy Prevail, I gladly accepted.  They told me this phone works on Boost.  I thought that would be okay.  I had Boost before, and was fairly satisfied with it.  I shifted from them to Verizon simply because the phone reception was more consistent and reliable.
However, in the month before Boost started messing with their towers, the Boost phone worked about as well as the Verizon phone, and it was a Droid–much smarter than the dumb Verizon phone I had.
A month later, I noticed my phone reception worsened radically.  Boost had me reinitialize the phone, had me change settings on the phone; reprogram the thing.  None of that did anything to end the problem.

They told me that I had to get this thing called “Hands Free Device Activation” to complete for everything to work well.  All I had to do was either find a place where the signal strength was either 2 – 3 bars or more, and then turn the phone completely off/ then on.  I found a place with 5-6 bars, and it still didn’t work.  I went to a different county–it still didn’t work.

I kept asking them what the problem was, and they kept telling baloney story after baloney story.

If I had money, I would have left them long ago.  Their customer service is incompetent, and incapable, and hard to reach.  They are very apologetic, but frankly, those are meaningless, since the service is so poor.

The deadlines for completion of their work on the towers–they finally identified that as the cause of my poor service and lack of internet access, kept changing from a day or two to a month or two.

Little of what they said makes sense, and I’m still not sure that they failed to identify that I hadn’t set one of the phones setting so I could get internet from the phone system.  I could get it from wi-fi, but Boost doesn’t provide wi-fi.

After telling these people that I wasn’t getting internet from them repeatedly, I finally talked to someone in their technical department who told me what I had to set to get the internet.  After TWO MONTHS, somebody finally told me the setting that may have fixed this problem from the beginning.
I have no way to determine that, but keep in mind, I followed their instructions, so they should have provided any settings I would need.  I told them consistently i wasn’t getting the internet.

On top of that, their automated systems are designed to not let you talk to their customer service.  I’ve never heard them provide that as any choice on any menu.  Most of their choices are heavily irrelevant, and they always tell you how much you owe.  Interstingly, it is also difficulat to pay them with a credit card.  I’ve charged against the card before, but they want additional information from the card.   I’ve paid twice before, and I don’t recall them demanding such information previously.

They also transfer calls to others, and each person you speak to, once you pass the annoying automated functions wants the complete story with your phone number and pin.  An appropriate way to transfet is to tell the successive person the story, and why the person doing the transfer feels s/he needs to transfer the call, but that isn’t what’s done.  Many times, it is as if I had just called in, sometimes the successor knows part of the story.  Rarely do they have much idea why the call is being transferred.

The bottom line is, I would tell anyone who asked, to steer clear of Boost: They’re willing to waste your time, and not very effective at providing even passable service let alone good service.